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IEMS 365: Analytics for Social Good

Winter 2018

A few thoughts from prior students

"Analytics for Social Good (IEMS 365) taught me the basic skills necessary to work with big data and visualizations. I enjoyed working with students from so many majors, helping incorporate their expertise to shape solutions good for everyone. The class was a challenge but I really liked it and learn a lot."

- Isaac, Biological Sciences, IEMS 365 Winter 2017


"IEMS 365 allowed me to apply my knowledge from previous classes and learn how to work with people with different perspectives. It also taught me the importance of data visualization in telling a story through data. The class also brings in amazing guest speakers!"

- Shuoyang (Jessica), Industrial Engineering and Economics Majors, IEMS 365 Winter 2017


"This class provides an incredibly rewarding opportunity for students of all backgrounds to think critically about real-world problems. It changed my perception of what analytics means - it's not just crunching numbers, but looking at comprehensive sets of both quantitative and qualitative data to see the full picture of a business or humanitarian process in order to recommend effective and meaningful change. "

- Jessica, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, IEMS 365 Winter 2017


"365 helped me think about how to make complicated concepts accessible and visual. It taught me the importance of context-specific solutions that are adaptable to real-world practical constraints. I learned a great deal about client communication, presentation skills, and data visualization that I continue to use in my graduate research today."

- Linda, Mathematics, IEMS 365 Spring 2016


"Every Northwestern student has a framework for solving problems. It comes not only from what you've learned in your classes, clubs, and internships, but also from who you are as a person. Your nationality and hometown, your peers and mentors, your hobbies and interests - your life experiences. IEMS 365 gives you a rare opportunity to apply your framework to real world problems affecting prominent organizations like the Red Cross. However, the class also challenges you to collaborate with people who are very different from you and, therefore, have very different ideas from yours."

- Roy, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, IEMS 365 Spring 2016


"IEMS 365 was certainly one of the most interesting classes I took at NU and I loved how people of all backgrounds were able to bring their unique skill sets to solve challenging problems; it was certainly a great glimpse of what the real world looks like!"

- Nikita, Learning and Organizational Change, French Horn Performance, IEMS 365 Spring 2015


"My experience in 365: Analytics for Social Good has given me a hands on experience on the strength of interdisciplinary collaboration. My favorite part of the class was working with bright students who were talented in their unique expertise and who had a passion to use their gifts for the greater good."

- Justice, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, IEMS 365 Spring 2015


"This class was my first opportunity to practically apply my IEMS lessons in an exciting, challenging way. Learning to tackle complicated projects across disciplines and expertise prepared me for my full-time job in a similar environment."

- David, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, IEMS 365 Spring 2015


"IEMS 365 was my first opportunity at Northwestern to work together on meaningful case studies with students from all over campus. As an Anthropology major and global health minor, it was a very valuable and unique experience to collaborate with engineers and science majors on important challenges facing the field of global health. Just as global health is an interdisciplinary field, we were able to use our qualitative and quantitative research and analyses skills in complimentary ways to ultimately create dynamic solutions."

- Neha, Anthropology, Global Health Minor, IEMS 365 Spring 2015


"Throughout IEMS 365 we were consistently challenged to reinterpret problems from multiple perspectives. I enjoyed working in interdisciplinary teams, which provided the opportunity to combine these vastly different backgrounds to create innovative solutions to open-ended problems."

- Nick, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, IEMS 365 Spring 2015